Auto-Flush Toilets: Don’t go in there…it’s scary.

Last night at a restaurant a simple trip to the restroom turned into my son’s worst nightmare. Everything was fine until an unexpected, deep roar made him leap off of the toilet in fear. Clearly, the person who invented automatic flush sensors was not a parent of a young child.

We could not get him back on that toilet. We tried to explain the blinking red light and what the sensor means. I even straddled the toilet myself to block the sensor so he could sit in front of me and finish his business. Yes, I did that. When nothing worked to relieve his flush anxiety, Cole, his full bladder and me left the stall. As we were washing our hands another patron came into the restroom and Cole felt it was his civic duty to warn them of what lies beyond those doors. “Don’t go in there. It’s scaaaary.” He explained.

Thankfully, there were no accidents and he waited until we were home to use the bathroom. I can’t imagine we are alone on this one. I mean, if NPR picks it up, it has to be a big deal: Auto-Flush Toilets Terrifying Kids. Darn you, auto-flush.

Looking for some advice here…please help!

Fear of auto-flush