Cole’s First Day of Pre-K

My heart is going to burst out of my chest and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It feels like yesterday that I first laid eyes on my 5lb 5oz little boy for the first time and today was his first day of school. There have been major highs and some what-am-I-doing lows in my past 3 1/2 years as a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

newborn photo


We enrolled Cole in the three day, 8am – 2:30pm, pre-k program at a local private school. This is a big deal for us since Cole has been home with me since the day he was born! We’ve been talking to him about how fun school will be all summer long. He even practiced his introductions.


And this morning we put on his new uniform and took a few first day of school pictures.

First day pre-k family

He’s a social boy by nature, but I wasn’t sure how he would feel about being dropped off in a classroom with 15 other kids and two teachers that he’s never met. Also, I was experiencing some major mommy guilt since I’m on bed rest and couldn’t go with Greg to drop him off. However, the report that I got back was that Cole was cool as cucumber when Daddy had to leave. He was so excited to find his own name tag at the desk!

photo 2

Greg encouraged him to go play trains with the other kids in the classroom. He replied, “But Daddy those trains are broken…they don’t light up.” Then he looked around, saw a little boy playing with some cars on a toy ramp, walked over and asked, “Can I play cars with you?” Making friends already 🙂

Update! Cole just got home from school and told me he had so much fun. He told me that they played with shaving cream, had a snack, danced to the Frozen Let it Go song, and painted their hand prints! He’s excited to go back after the holiday weekend and he hopes they get to play on the playground 🙂

I am one proud mama!

Baby’s first Valentine’s Day craft

I’m determined to be crafty now that I’m a mom. What better time to start than Valentine’s Day? Inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest, I ran off to Michael’s craft store to buy supplies. Since Cole is still too young to actively participate in crafts, I knew that footprint art was a perfect way to involve him (and my husband) in homemade Valentine’s Day cards! The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but they came out so cute.

The best part is that they were super easy to make. Here is a list of the supplies I bought from Michaels to make these cards:
– Package of 10 Tiffany blue cards with envelopes
– Heart stamp with inner and outer heart
– Non-Toxic kid’s paint
– Paint brushes and paint sponges
– Black sharpie pen
– Elmers glue pen

– 4×6 pictures of your little one
Here is how I made the card!

First, I used the paint brush and red paint to cover the outer heart in the stamp

Second, I used the stamp to make hearts on all of the cards. I tried out different positions for the hearts and ended up liking the look of the final card that I posted above the best.

Now for the fun part! I used the sponge brush to put red paint on the bottom of Cole’s foot. It must of tickeled him because I got a few giggles out of him in the process.  The footprints came out best when my husband of standing with the baby, his feet parallel to the ground, and I brought the card up to his foot. I did the left footprint on all of the cards, cleaned him off, and then did the right footprint on all of the cards.

I added the quote “From the bottom of my heart…to the tips of my toes” since it seemed fitting next to the footprint art. You can add anything you want! Hmm…I wish I had better handwriting 🙂

Lastly, I glued a picture of Cole in his Valentine’s Day outfit on the back of the card. And DONE! Not too shabby for our first attempt at being crafty. And the best part is that we had some good old fashion family fun making them.

Music Together review – Old Colony

My son is 10 months old and loves to bop to the rhythm of music. I thought what better way to encourage his reaction to sounds and vibrations than with a music class?  We attended our first Music Together class this December and had an amazing experience.

Music Together is an international early childhood music program. One of my favorite characteristics of the class is the span of ages of the children. There was a baby younger than Cole that he could crawl over to, as well as a couple of children older than him that he could watch and  try to mimic. We sang, danced, and played with a whole bag full of instruments. Cole’s personal favorite was the bongo. My husband is a drummer; like father like son?

We were given a CD called Family Favorites as part of the class tuition. However, you can buy this album from their website even if you don’t attend one of their classes, and I seriously recommend that you do if you have kids. The collection of songs is not only perfect for our little ones, but is also easy to listen to from an adult perspective.  I sing the Hello Song to him when he wakes up every morning and the She Sells Sea Shells as a lullaby before naps and bedtimes. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that when the Stick Tune comes on I can’t help but dance around my kitchen pretending I’m a professional percussionist. More cowbell, please!

I can guarantee this will not be the last Music Together class that Cole experiences with me and his Dad. I’m willing to bet their is a class close to you too, so please check it out, you won’t regret it! What a perfect time now that the weather is getting colder and we need fun indoor activities.

Playing guitar with Grandpa

Baby, it’s cold outside

Cole and I love our morning walks. I don’t think there is a better way to start the day than to breathe in fresh air and enjoy sunshine on our faces. Our little ritual will continue through winter, but baby, it’s cold outside! My son (aka human doll) has been adorned with many hats, sweaters, and jackets over the past couple of months. However, when my iPhone told me it was 29 degrees outside this morning, I knew it was time to take out the big guns. Cole was about to join the ranks many other children, such as Ralphie’s brother in A Christmas Story, who get stuffed like a sausage into a one-piece snow suit.

Surprisingly, he was pretty okay with it! He laid on his back for a solid two minutes. That’s one minute and fifty-five seconds longer than he will normally stay on his back. Then he swayed back and forth a few times and managed to gain enough momentum to roll over on all fours. At some point, once I was done amusing myself, I secured him into his stroller and we went on our merry way into the brisk morning air. This is the stuff moms dream about, right? 🙂