Our three month old twins

Three month old twins

After three months of getting to know my little bundles of joy I’ve come to realize how magnificently different they are from one another. When we found out we were having twins I could never in my wildest dreams have conjured up the image of Owen and Claire. Claire is the fairest princess of them all with her light coloring, blue eyes and delicate features. Owen is my olive skinned, hazel-eyed, dark haired, cheek-o-licious romeo.

When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you. 

Claire was born smiling. I’m convinced she was born with the beautiful ability to face life with a light heart and sense of humor. Claire is a free and independent spirit and she already makes me feel proud. Owen is a bit more serious and sensitive. Sometimes when he’s stretching out after waking up you’d think he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. However, when he smiles at you he smiles with his whole being, like he just can’t contain his giddiness. When he makes eye contact you feel as though is he is looking straight into your soul and thanking you for being with him. He makes me melt.


You can see a lot just by looking… 

When you are holding Claire she scans the room from side to side, back and forth. If she is lying down and someone is walking around the room she will track them, bending her neck and arching her back so she can follow you with her eyes. If there is a toy near her she will look at it and smile. Once she’s taken inventory she will settle in and either relax or fall into a fast sleep. Owen seems more interested in people’s faces than in things. He also likes to move all the time when he’s awake. He rolled from front to back when he was three or four weeks old. He swings his arms and tries to jump when you’re holding him. If you hold him on his feet on the ground he will actually make the movements to walk! Something tells me he is going to be like his big brother; once he starts moving he’s never going to stop. claire and us

I may be quiet…but I have sooo much on my mind.

Neither of my babies cry unless something is really bothering them. Even when they are hungry it’s more of a noisy request like, “Hey…is someone going to feed me or what?” The only times I’ve heard them with real baby cries is when they were born and when they got their two month vaccinations. Oh and if Cole accidentally drops something like a Poland Spring water bottle or a Glow Worm on their face.  If they were going to be similar in any way I’m thankful it’s for this! They both have the gift for gab though! And they are starting to talk and respond to one another.IMG_0214

Love is reaching out to try and get to the other person. 

Speaking of interacting with one another…that is the best part about having twins! It’s so fun to see them look at each other and smile. Owen is smitten with Claire. If they are next to each other and she is crying he will reach out to her. And if he is having trouble settling down he will noticeably relax if he puts his hand on her arm. Super cute! Claire interacts with Owen by responding back when they are “gabbing.”

snuggling twins

It’s been three months of nuttiness, love, patience, impatience, exhaustion and laughter. At the end of each day when I (finally) lie down on my pillow I thank God for being blessed with my family. It’s going to be an incredible year. Here’s to getting through the 4th trimester!

NYE family

5 thoughts on “Our three month old twins

    • Thanks, Amanda! I really appreciate you reading them! Sometimes I think I might be talking to myself, lol. But keeping the blog is the only way I’ll remember the little things.

  1. I was so blessed the night your family came to the Lake and Gayle and I were able to see you and, best of all, hold the twins! Once I got my arms around Claire, no way was I letting go. And smile she did! At me, for the camera, when Cole came barreling noisely down the stairs! She is definitely tuned into her big brother’s voice. Gayle held Owen, and he is a treasure. What a handsome man he will be. A charmer to go with his princess of a twin. Keep writing and posting photos, I love them!!

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