The first couple of months with twins

newborn photography

I am long overdue for a new post – it’s been three months since my two pumpkins arrived in October! Life sure has been busy in the Benson household. The first couple of months was a total blur of feedings, diapers changes, visitors and passing babies back and forth and up and down.


We’ve had to create systems for caring for them or we would have gone out of our mind! For instance, I feed Claire at night and Greg gets up with Owen. During the first month I was exclusively breastfeeding Claire and pumping milk for Owen to drink from a bottle since he didn’t latch well. Now it’s a mix of breastfeeding, expressed milk bottle feeding, and one formula feeding/day. Claire has slept in a co-sleeper next to me and Owen has slept in his crib since the night we got home from the hospital. The plan has been to start Claire in the crib once she is three months old. Argh…that’s tomorrow! Wish us luck.


As far as any health issues in these first few months I’ve only had to bring them to the doctor’s office a couple of times. Claire was spitting up a lot and Owen choked during feedings so I brought them both in to be seen to make sure they were gaining weight okay. It turns out they both had reflux issues. The doctor’s left it up to me as to whether I wanted to thicken their food, give them medicine, or wait it out. Since neither of them seemed overly uncomfortable I decided to wait it out. I let Claire sleep on her belly for about a week because it’s the only position she was comfortable enough to sleep in. Now she is on her back sleeping and both of them seem completely fine on the reflux front!

Claire had a bit of evening colic…meaning she would cry for no apparent reason for a couple of hours starting around 7 and lasting until 9/9:30. I think part of it was gas and part of it was just her being cranky. The only thing that would come close to calming her down was walking with her belly to belly, bouncing, and humming Pachelbel Canon (Don’t ask). That went away around 6 weeks, thankfully.

Owen had newborn congestion that has just resolved itself. It was super sad because it seemed like he could never take a full breath and his reflux only made it worse and caused him to make all sorts of snorting noises. So if you ever come across an infant who snorts and you think the sound is cute and funny…don’t snort back at them and chuckle at the “cute” noise. It will make mommy upset because she is worried that her baby can’t breath!

They both caught their first cold in December, which was awful! Thankfully I bought a Nose Frida and between that and saline drops we were able to keep it under control. If you have a baby you must get a Nose Frida…the thing is amazing. Since Cole is in school I’m expecting all sorts of germs to be brought home with him. I’m trying to look on the bright side that it will build their immune systems up!

Okay – this turned out to be more of an update on the health front. My time is limited so I must run! I promise to write more about their personalities next! And I’ll have a cute three month old picture 🙂

One thought on “The first couple of months with twins

  1. Time sure seems to be flying by and watching Claire and Owen growing so beautifully has been so fun to wathch and there individual personalities are sure shining thru. You and Greg are truly blessed with 3 amazing children. Keep Smilin xo

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