Hello October!

Hello October

What is there not to love about October?

The days are filled with crimson leaves, cozy sweatshirts, pumpkin everything, haunted hayrides and football. Newly added to my list of favorite things about October: the twins’ birthday! I’m so thankful we’ve made it to 36 weeks and they are doing incredible. When we found out that we were having twins at 18 weeks my midwife told me that because I’m small they’d probably be born early and around 4 pounds each. My goal has been to get them over 5 pounds and as of today Claire is measuring 5lb 6oz and Owen is measuring 5lb 2oz! Clearly she underestimated my love and knowledge of food.

Both twins are presenting head down so I’m still “in the running,” as Dr. Rounds put it, for a vaginal delivery. My biggest fear is that I’ll have a double whammy…one vaginal delivery and one c-section. Either way I just want them delivered as safely and as quickly as possible.

The babies were both practicing their breathing during the ultra sound! This is a good indication that they won’t have any major respiratory issues once they are born. The tech also pointed out hair follicles on both of their heads. It looks like they will come out with a lot of hair just like their big brother Cole.

36 weeks bumpie

36 weeks, 40+ pounds, four months of “morning” sickness, two months of back therapy and two months of bed rest. All worth it. I can’t wait to fall in love two more times! I hope my next post will be their birth story 🙂


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