“Have a meatball and go into labor”

On asking for help

As the arrival of the twins approaches my urge to “nest” is at an all time high, but bed rest trumps my to-do list. Now that I’m 35 weeks I’ve been given the green light to move around a bit more, but my doctors really want me to make it to 36 weeks so I’m continuing to keep my feet up. The most challenging part of this experience is that I’ve had to go against my usual “I can do it myself” attitude and constantly turn to friends and family for support.

Besides the nursery the next biggest project that I’ve wanted to accomplish is filling our freezer with food! I remember how hard it was to plan meals, go grocery shopping and cook when we first brought Cole home from the hospital. So when anyone wants to know how they can help me prepare for the babies I ask for food. Ask and you shall receive – we’ve gotten so many incredible meals, sides, snacks and sauces. It’s sustained us through my bed rest and filled our freezer! I’m not talking about the small freezer attached to our refrigerator…I’m talking about this freezer:


My most recent visitor popped over today with a cooler full of her tasty treats, including homemade meatballs, her famous gravy and biscotti. My Aunt Deb’s biscotti melts in your mouth…so good…I’ve already had three. These days I basically have three servings of everything and rationalize it by thinking I’m three people right now. Anyways, before Aunt Deb left she jokingly said “Have a meatball and go into labor” which made me chuckle. It’s really the perfect thing for my Italian Godmother to say upon departure 🙂

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m so thankful to everyone who has helped us over the past couple of months. The quote at the beginning of this post resonates with me because asking for help has always been a challenge for me. I never want to feel like a burden on others or to seem weak. This experience has taught me that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Asking for help is a necessity in order to keep things going when life throws its twists and turns. People want to help (I know I would!) and this has been a great reminder of the loving and generous community of people I have in my life.

A couple of other things I’m thankful for:

– A friend lending me her zero gravity chair so I can enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in NH.
– My feet were in desperate need of a pedicure and a friend insisted she give me a Jamberry treatment…now that’s love!
– All of the child care volunteers who have watched Cole or picked him up from school, especially my mom and dad.
– Setting up a Meal Train calendar. I recommend this to anyone who wants to help during someone’s hardship.
– My mom decorating for Fall…I love having our house decorated for the season.
– My grandparents (Nanny and Pa) have brought a meal to us every week since I went on bed rest.
– Cole insisting to Greg that they bring home flowers for me whenever they go to a store.
– My husband for being my rock and the best dad in the world…and for giving me foot & back rubs.
– All of your encouraging notes on my blog and facebook posts. They mean the world to me.

…Plus so much more!

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