Naming Baby A – Claire Ashlyn

inspirational quoteHave I mentioned how incredibly thankful and excited I am to be having a daughter?  The relationship I have with my mom is something that’s grown more and more special to me over the years. She is someone I can share everything with and show my true feelings to without a fear of being judged. As I gain more life experience I realize how important and impactful this mother/daughter relationship has been in shaping who I am. It’s an honor that I’ve been given the opportunity to raise a daughter and encourage her to grow up to be a strong, confident and free-spirited woman.

Free-spirited. It’s a phrase that has been imprinted on my mind while scouring name forums in search of the perfect name for our daughter. Maybe because being free-spirited is something that I strive for and often struggle with in my own life. Or maybe it’s because I can already feel a bit of her spirit inside of me!

The meaning of Claire is bright and clear. I love the description that Nameberry gives: Claire, luminous, simple, and strong, with a barely distinguishable French accent, is one of those special names that is familiar yet distinctive, feminine but not frilly, combining historical depth with a modern edge.

Ashlyn means dream and vision. The name originated in Ireland and was spelled Aisling. An aisling is a poetic genre that developed in late seventeenth century Ireland… a type of patriotic-romantic poetry.

Not only do I love how Claire Ashlyn sounds, but I also love how well the meanings fit together. Also, my mom’s middle name is Lynn so a little bit of her will be a piece of Claire’s name as well ❤

I’m so excited to meet my precious Claire and Owen!

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