32 Weeks Update!

After the preterm labor scare we had at 28 weeks I ended up changing doctors and hospitals to make sure I had a team that could support the babies if they come early. As we were going over some details today at my check up we discovered that my official due date is actually one day earlier than I had thought. I know it’s only one day, but every day counts. In fact, they say that every one day in utero saves about three days of your baby not having to be in the NICU. So hurray today for 32 weeks!

This week has had some highs and lows. I ended up in the hospital again earlier this week due to an increase in contractions and they felt more intense than usual. Turns out the babies were just playing a not-so-funny Labor Day trick on me and it ended up being false labor. I came home about 24 hours later and contractions have spread back out again. They told me at this point that if I went into labor they wouldn’t stop it so I’m hoping I can go a few more weeks. Taking birthday guesses in the comments section 🙂

almost there

Today was a fun appointment because we got to see our babies! They are growing so well and I couldn’t be happier. Baby girl is measuring 3lb 10oz and was sucking her finger during the scan. Baby boy is measuring 3lb 8oz and was chilling with his legs up and hands behind his head. She is still head down, while he was positioned a bit more transverse (spread across), but he moves a TON so I’m not too worried about that right now. Plus, the tech said he is looking upwards towards my face which I think is just adorable.

32 weeks twins

I’m getting so excited to meet our babies! I can’t wait to hold them in my arms and put this whole thing behind us. And then the real fun begins. I say that with a pinch of sarcasm and a whole lot of love! ❤



7 thoughts on “32 Weeks Update!

  1. Linds I am so happy you made it to 32 weeks, I am sure this has been difficult on you but in the end you will have these two beautiful babies to hold and love on and what an accomplishment it will be to see them healthy. Love you more

  2. Just amazing my girl! Your almost there and those babies will be shining stars like there brother is. Dad and I love you and are very proud of you and your selflessness. xo

  3. So happy your doing well. I am also 32 weeks into my pregnancy with did/did boys and I can’t wait to see them in my arms 😀 let’s charge on girl!!

  4. Your motto should be “Keep calm & keep on carrying!” Great job Linds! I’m sure it was quite stressful having to change doctors this late in the game but it is much better to have a great team prepared after what you went through. I pray for you and your family every day. I look forward to seeing pictures of those two little faces out in the world but I can wait a while!! My guess: September 27, since I guess you won’t have them on MY birthday, October 27!

    • Thanks, Jill! I am happy with the change in doctors and hospital. Thank you for your prayers! I’ll have another update on Thursday. I love ultra sound days because I get to get glimpses of the babies! They will be so fun at the lake next summer 🙂

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