30 weeks and counting!

stepping stone

Whether we see a roadblock or a bridge depends on our view on life. With a positive outlook we can turn any obstacle into a stepping stone.

We met our first goal today – 30 weeks and the twins are still happy and healthy in Mama’s belly. Our ultra sound appointment showed both babies measuring 2 lbs 15 oz, which means they’ve each grown about a half of a pound in 2 weeks. Great job, guys! My perinatologist explained that reaching 30 weeks is a wonderful milestone because the risk of any type of brain bleed goes way down and survival rate sky rockets.

My cervix had shortened a bit, but he didn’t seem overly concerned. It’s a natural physical response to carrying twins and having contractions. I left our meeting feeling a rejuvenated sense of hope that I’ll be able to keep these kiddos cooking until 34-36 weeks as long as I continue the bed rest prescription.

Some other good news is that baby girl has joined her brother in the head-down position! This is a huge deal because if she stays in the position and I don’t go into labor too early I might be able to avoid a c-section. I’ll do whatever makes the most sense for the safety of the babies, but I’ve never had a surgery in my life so the thought of a c-section totally freaks me out! We’ll cross that stepping stone when we get to it.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Next goal is 32 weeks!


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