My Bedrest Mantra – Keep Calm And Carry On

keep calm and carry on

I was browsing Amazon last week and came across this fabulous maternity tee shirt. Even though it was outrageously overpriced I had to have it. Worth every penny. My bathroom breaks have turned into a motivational session with my reflection reminding me to Keep Calm and Carry On! Hand washing has evolved into a high five and a “yeah, girl!” Then I waddle back to bed, probably to shop some more on Amazon.

I don’t have much of an update at this point, but no news is good news when you’re on bed rest! I had a quick appointment at the end of the week for a check up with the doppler and both babies have happy heartbeats. My next big appointment is on Thursday when they will check my cervix, do a growth scan on the babies and have a discussion about a plan moving forward.

I passed the 29 week mark on Friday…less than a week away from my first goal to make it to 30 weeks!

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