Home Sweet Home – Bed Rest Day 5

I got my cervix checked again yesterday and it’s measuring longer than last week! My perinatologist explained that the cervix is a muscle that can expand based on the amount of strain it’s under. Staying off of my feet to keep the weight and pressure off is working. I was released from the hospital with instructions to remain on bed rest with bathroom privileges. Yikes, never thought of going to the bathroom as a privilege, but it’s all good if it means I can be home.

A part of me was worried about leaving the hospital. It is a comfort to know that you and the babies are being checked on by a team of nurses and doctors and can respond to you in a moment’s notice. However, I’m finding it much easier to relax at home. At the hospital they would come in to monitor heart rates and my contractions every few hours. I swear they got worse during those hours because of the sounds and the position I had to stay in. At home I get to curl up with my comfy pillows and see my son’s smile which gives me such a morale boost.

Several people have asked how Cole is responding to the fact that I have to be lying down all the time. He has been amazing. You never know how a 3 year old is going to react in these situations and I couldn’t be more proud of him. If you asked him what is going on he would tell you that Mommy has to keep the babies safe. It helps that our support system has come to our rescue and are spending so much time with him. He’s been busy having a blast with everyone he loves! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support from near and far! More than half way to 29 weeks…

home sweet home selfie

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – Bed Rest Day 5

  1. Lindsay – Pray you are doing well! Being home is a great thing – you can’t get ANY rest in the hospital! (when you’re in the slammer, they must poke and prod everytime you fall asleep – it’s in their job description!). Praying for you, the babies and the fam!

    And the child[ren] grew and became strong, filled with wisdom. And the favor of God was upon him, [them]. Luke 2:40

    Do Not Be Anxious About Anything, But In Everything, By Prayer And Petition, With Thanksgiving Present Your Requests To God. Philippians 4:6

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