Observations from a bedridden mama

eckhart tolle quote

If I had the choice of where I’d like to be right now it certainly wouldn’t be in bed. Walking hand in hand with my husband down the cobblestone streets of Florence, having a picnic in the park with my son, enjoying some paddleboard yoga on the lake. These are the places I would choose, but it’s out of my control right now. It always surprises me what can happen when you let go of your expectations and connect with the moment you are in.

Yesterday morning a baby was born in the room next to mine. I heard the mom’s painful moans and cries and began silently routing for her and hoping for a quick delivery. I found out later from a nurse that by the time she asked for an epidural it was too late because she had progressed so quickly. Shortly after a chorus of “Oh God! Ouch! Ouch!” (She was much more rated G than I was in that moment) the most beautiful sound in the world cut through all the other noise. The sound of a newborn baby entering the world with a loud cry. A baby girl! I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. I was so happy for this mom and her family. Hearing the baby also brought me back to the moment Cole was born. Relief, wonder and love all wrapped into this one moment.

I like the idea that I can tap into the joy that other people are feeling. It feels like a better way to spend my time than getting caught up in the anxiety of my own situation. After all, I can’t change the moment so I might as well make the best of it!

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