Hospital bed rest at 28 weeks – Day 2

Surprisingly, I was able to get a couple of hours of sleep that first night in the hospital. I woke up feeling hungry, lonely, and wondering what the next steps would be. A nurse came in and told me I would be heading over to maternal fetal medicine to get an ultra sound to look at the babies and my cervix.

The good news: the babies are doing great! They both measure exactly where they should be at 28 weeks at 2.6 pounds and 2.7 pounds. The tech said that our baby girl’s legs look slightly longer than our baby boy’s legs and that he has a chunkier belly. Loved hearing individual little details like this and knowing they are doing so well. All of the contractions do not seem to be putting them under any kind of stress at this point.

baby boy 28 weeks

Baby Boy 28 Weeks

baby girl 28 weeks

Baby Girl 28 Weeks

The bad news: My cervix has shortened to 1.5 cm, which to put it in perspective should be closer to the 3cm – 4cm range at this point. I was also told that baby boy’s sac has an excess of amniotic fluid in it which is harmless to him, but could be putting extra pressure on my cervix. Thankfully, there are no signs of funneling which would have put me in a much more immediate threat for preterm labor.

That was the biggest news I got during my first day on bed rest and confirmed to me that once again mother’s intuition is always right. I’m thankful I called and went to the hospital and caught all of this early. Besides upping my medication to every four hours and getting a steroid shot in my butt cheek (OUCH!!!!) it was a pretty uneventful day. By the evening it was starting to feel like the urgency level of my situation was going down. Now the focus was keeping these contractions down so the babies can cook for as long as possible. Grow, babies, grow!

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