Relief from pregnancy back and hip pain

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve been suffering from back, hip and butt pain since I was about 20 weeks pregnant. I’m not in the medical field, but from doing sports and practicing yoga my whole life I have a basic understanding in how reactive our muscles are. So I figured all of my pain was due to my shifting pelvis and the weight I was gaining. What I didn’t know what how it all related and what to do about it.

back pain pic

My first stop on the road to relief was a chiropractor who was comfortable working with pregnant women. Dr. Kevin Moriarty is amazing; the other practitioners in his office call him the wizard! If you live in Southern NH and need a chiropractor I highly recommend him. The good news is that he was able to identify that my hips were out of line by about the length of a thumb nail. He was able to do some basic manipulations that helped to realign me. The bad news is that the realignment wouldn’t stick! So after a day or so I was right back where I started.

Enter the most fabulous massage therapist I’ve ever been to, Rhonda Cavers. What impresses me the most about Rhonda is how knowledgeable she is. She explained all of the muscles and nerves to me and how they were being affected by the pregnancy. I feel so much relief after my visits with her. Unfortunately, just as with the chiropractic treatments, it was short-lived.

The most recent specialist I’ve started visiting is a physical therapist. Kelly at Hands on Healing Physical Therapy has helped me achieve some longer term relief. Beyond the scheduled treatments, she has provided me with an arsenal of stretches and exercises I can do at home. Also, I would recommend inviting your significant other to one of your appointments. Kelly showed my husband how to help me do some of the adjustments and stretches and it’s made a big difference. It’s a little tough stretching on your own with a big belly getting in your way!

Besides using this combination of professional treatments, there are a few other suggestions I wanted to mention that have helped me with the pain:

– Icing your tailbone/sacrum/hip area and using some numbing gel (I use China Gel)

– Portable back massager to help coax the muscles out of spasm

– Pregnancy belt (I use the Gabrialla maternity support belt)

– Pregnancy belly lift tank top (I use the BellyBra maternity support tank)

I hope that some of these suggestions help you. My pain isn’t completely gone and I wouldn’t expect it to be. However, I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to sleep on my side again! If you have any questions please let me know. I’m not a medical professional, so definitely talk to your doctor/midwife before trying anything.


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