The pregnancy stuff I could do without


I’m sure I’ll be able to relate to this snarky meme even more once the twins arrive, but it still strikes a chord with me now. For the moms of more than one child out there – how many times did you hear the words “Every pregnancy is different…” uttered from friends, family, and even strangers. A lot, right? I had no idea how true that would turn out to be.

My pregnancy with Cole was pretty easy on my body. Emotionally, I was a train wreck because there were complications that came up related to his health. That’s another story for another day. My twin pregnancy has been just the opposite. I’m totally psyched that they’ve been growing well and looking perfectly healthy. But man oh man has it been tough on my body! The reason I want to share my challenges is not to complain, but to hopefully help another mom who experiences something similar. Sometimes, it’s nice to be reassured you’re not alone!

The nausea started around 5 weeks. Being a stay at home mom and living with your face in a toilet bowl is not ideal. My fondest memory of this time takes place in the bathroom with my 3 year old who followed me in there as he often does. His new favorite game was mimicking the sound I was making and proudly shouting, “Look, Mommy, I’m getting sick like you! [Houaaaah]” Boys are so sweet, aren’t they? 😉

At 12 weeks my midwife prescribed me 4mg of Zofran. I’ve heard Zofran doesn’t work for everyone, but thankfully this magic, glorious pill helped me. It didn’t completely take away the constant sick feeling, but it took the edge off and made it easier to be somewhat productive again. My nausea slowly lessened and then stopped between 18-20 weeks. So here is a message for all of you pregnant gals out there who are being told that morning sickness will end around 12-13 weeks, but yours doesn’t. Hang in there and you’re not alone! Eat whatever you can keep down and work with your doctors/midwives to make sure you’re staying hydrated. I seriously ate McDonald’s fries all the time because it settled my stomach. Whatever.

Okay so 18 weeks comes along and I’m feeling like a rock star because I’m not getting sick all of the time. I had even started practicing yoga again! Then BAM. The worst pain I’ve felt since child birth creeps into my back, hips and butt. To draw a picture for you. I went from this:

prental yoga

Happy pregnant yogi mom!

To this:

Mad at the world because it hurts to move mom…

I couldn’t sleep on my side (no a Snoogle does not help!) so I had to try and sleep sitting up. Mostly, I spent my nights doing zombie laps around the house because it felt better to move than to be still. My midwife kind of wrote my pain off telling me “it’s just sciatica” but I knew it was something more than that. We have to trust our intuition and if an alarm bell is going off about something you have to follow your gut. I took matters into my own hands, did a ton of research, spoke to other moms who experienced similar pain during pregnancy and made appointments with three different types of specialists. To describe what’s happening to me in a nutshell:

As my pelvis is shifting, my hips are moving out of alignment and this is causing my piriformis muscle (which is a butt muscle) and other muscles around my hip and in my lower back to spasm because they are working overtime to try and put things back where they should be.

Constant state of muscle spasm = ouchie.

As I mentioned, I’ll be devoting a whole post to this subject in order to share tips on what has been helping to provide some relief. In the meantime, if anyone is feeling pain in this area as a result of being pregnant, please let me know because I want to help!

Rant over 🙂

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