Preschool Book Activity: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

sensory bins, preschool activity

It is 12° outside here in New Hampshire, which means I’m not going anywhere! Time tends to crawl when you are stuck inside with a busy toddler so I decided to turn to my computer for some creative inspiration on how to spend our day. As I was browsing the Southern New Hampshire Kids website I came across an activity that goes along with the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. She put together a collection of sensory bins that recreates the story…super cute. Since I didn’t have all the materials she used, I made my bins using what I found around the house. We had as much fun making the bins as we did playing with them afterwards on our bear hunt!

sensory binds, we're going on a bear hunt activity

The Grass: I used some green play dough and play dough tools.
The River: I filled a bread pan with some water and offered a couple of toys to splash around
The Mud: We used kinetic sand from Brookstone that Cole got for Christmas.
The Forest: I used the same sand from the “mud” and added a few wooden toy trees
The Snowstorm: The snow outside was useful for this one!
The Cave: I put a blanket over his play tent

As we read the book we walked around and spent time playing with each station. Cole loved it! He especially loved the special treat of playing with snow indoors. Here he is reenacting the snowstorm part of the story.

“We’ve got to go through the snowstorm!”

Have you done any book-themed activities lately? Please share! Cole and I had so much fun that I’d like to make this a weekly thing.

2 thoughts on “Preschool Book Activity: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

  1. What a great blog you have…and I’m so glad that you were able to recreate and enjoy the sensory bins. PS – I looked at your “About Me” Page and your family is just beautiful. Have a great day!

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