Vinyasa Flow at Banyan Tree

It felt so great to get back on my yoga mat! Since I moved up to NH in summer 2012 I haven’t been practicing much. I came across Banyan Tree Yoga online and decided to check out the studio. So glad I did! They offer everything from vinyasa flow and yogalates to prenatal and family yoga. The lighting and music playlist during the Vinyasa class was perfect and created a lighthearted and friendly atmosphere. Maureen, our instructor, maintained a perfect balance between giving technique and breath reminders while cracking a joke here and there throughout the class.

We did a transition of poses I had never done before and thought it was so fun I wanted to share. During class I turned to my mat neighbor and said “That was cool… I felt like a rocket ship!” Things you don’t expect to hear in yoga class, right? Anyway, we transitioned from crane pose to plank or bakasana to chataranga. Please understand that I am not a professional yoga practitioner. I just thought this pose was fun and wanted to share! Just a quick video my husband made for me.


I’m also looking forward to checking out some of Banyan Tree Yoga’s upcoming events and workshops. The two that caught my eye are Natural Remedies & Green Living with Young Living Essential Oils and Inversion Submersion Level 1: The Basics. I’ve always wanted to be able to do all that handstand stuff! If you live in the area please join me.

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