He’s almost one, folks

Wow – I can’t believe Cole turns ONE is just a couple of weeks! A year ago I was on bedrest full of worry and not quite sure what to expect. This year I’m full of wonder and amazement at how fast he is growing and how much joy he has brought to our lives. It was around Christmas time that Cole started growing into his big boy face. All of us moms and dads experience this. It’s like we wake up one morning, walk into the nursery, and suddenly a little boy or girl is staring back at us in the place of our tiny baby! In the past couple of months Cole has perfected the pull up on anything and everything and loves to walk along couches, music tables, chairs…mostly to reach for everything that he is not supposed to play with, like remote controls, cell phones and glassware.

He couch surfed for the first time last month, and he happily obliged to reenact it for me a moment later:

Video of Cole Couch Surfing

I’m always amazed when Cole reaches a new milestone. It’s incredible that a baby’s little body just knows when it’s ready to explore a new movement.  We don’t have stairs in our apartment, but the stairs in my mom and dad’s lakehouse peeked Cole’s curiosity this week. He couldn’t resist having a go:

Cole climbing stairs

It’s been quite a busy couple of months for my little boy, Cole. He is full of surprises and smiles every day. As Valentine’s Day approaches I can’t help but be thankful that I now have two loves in my life. I’m so proud of my family.

One thought on “He’s almost one, folks

  1. Hard to imagine it has been a year already. He is such a beautiful boy and you are a beautiful, spectacular Mom Linds. It is so wonderful to see you and Greg enjoy and spend the time helping him grow and learn. Enjoy the year to come, it only get’s better xo

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