The storm that postponed Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween Greg and I went the Blarney Stone in Dorchester to hang out in our old stomping ground. Plus, it was a good excuse to dress up in costumes, which we do every year. We knew that snow was in the forecast, but figured it couldn’t be that bad. After all it was only October. After a few hours of hanging out in the city we decided to head back to the apartment to relieve Greg’s mom of babysitting duties.

There were some flurries falling when we left the Blarney, but no accumulation…until we drove about 20 minutes south. While dropping a friend off a town over we had to take a detour from the main road because there were trees and power lines down everywhere. The side roads were also a mess, but thankfully there was man dressed in a beaver costume in front of us (remember it’s Halloween) clearing out fallen branches and small trees so we could continue down the street. When we finally made it home about two hours later we found Greg’s mom curled up on the couch using tea lights as the only source of light. I felt awful! She didn’t know where a flashlight was or candles. The phones didn’t work either. Thankfully all of us were safe at home. Side note: We also learned that night that the baby didn’t need the sleep machine on all night in order for him to stay asleep!

The power didn’t come back on in Sharon for another 4 days, and we were the lucky ones! There were many surrounding towns that didn’t get power for a little over a week. Because there was no power, trick-or-treating got postponed for a week in many locations across the state and in New Hampshire. But don’t fret! We still found an occasion to dress Cole up in his Halloween costume. A friend of mine hosted a brunch and all the babies got dressed for the occasion. Cole’s first costume? A dinosaur!

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