Baby’s first teeth

A friend of mine captured a photo that perfectly showcases Cole’s first two teeth. They came in three months ago, but we haven’t been able to take a picture at the right angle to show them off!

two bottom teethSerious cuteness, but teething is not fun for my little angel. Watching him go through the process makes me think: babies work so hard for these teeth, and then they just fall out! What crazy jokes nature plays on us. We are expecting more teeth to be breaking through any day now, because Cole is showing signs of teething again. Drool that soaks a bib in 10 seconds, runny nose, hands (and everything else) in the mouth, and random night awakenings. Thank goodness for teething rings to bite on and wet wash cloths to suck on. Anything to make the little dude more comfortable. Before we know it this adorable gummy smile will be filled with a whole set of pearly whites!


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