My little pumpkin

I was determined to introduce Cole to everything that autumn in New England has to offer.  Our first harvest adventure brought us to Tougas Farm in Northboro, MA.  We went apple and pumpkin picking.  The apple orchard was huge and we wandered up and down the aisles of trees, picking the best of the bunch. Cole spotted the one he liked right away. It was later made into apple pie.

Pumpkin picking was next! Cole took pictures with quite a few pumpkins in October, both at Tougas farm and a few other places. Cole was more interested in the hay and grass that the pumpkins sat on than the actual pumpkins themselves. No matter where we were he was always the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

We have had amazing weather for the past couple of months (besides the snow storm in October…another story for another day) and we tried to take advantage of it as much as we could. One day we spent a couple of hours in Norfolk, MA at Jane and Paul’s Farm with friends. First, was a hay ride.  The kids loved being pulled in a big-wheeled wagon by the tractor.  Then we dared to enter a corn maze. We made a few wrong turns as we maneuvered the strollers through a sea of leafless trees, but eventually made our way out without having to call for help.

Having Cole makes me appreciate the little things that each season has to offer, as if I’m seeing them for the first time too. I love observing him as he breathes in new shapes, new colors, new everything!  And now…drum roll…a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

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