Giving thanks

It’s important to learn what it means to love someone.
Not like in Hugh Grant movies,
Like real Love.

Like making soup is good medicine
A hug can speak louder than words
Never go to bed angry.
Give thanks.

Giving thanks should come easy,
But it doesn’t.
Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful,
Because there is so much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful that my husband loves me in his own way, every day.
A touch on the shoulder
A silly face
A kiss goonight.

I’m thankful for talking to my mom almost every day.
She thinks we are different,
but I see our sameness.
I see our goodness.

I’m thankful for my Dad’s “can do” attitude.
We all have self doubt
and knock ourselves down.
He tells me I can do anything.

I’m thankful that my brother tells me he loves me.
Before hanging up the phone
Or walking out the door.
It doesn’t take a lot of words to show you care.

I’m thankful for my son.
He has lit a spark in my life.
He has lit a spark in my marriage.
He has lit a spark in my family.

I’m thankful for my life.
The people.
The possibilities.
The freedom.

What are you thankful for?

Baby’s first teeth

A friend of mine captured a photo that perfectly showcases Cole’s first two teeth. They came in three months ago, but we haven’t been able to take a picture at the right angle to show them off!

two bottom teethSerious cuteness, but teething is not fun for my little angel. Watching him go through the process makes me think: babies work so hard for these teeth, and then they just fall out! What crazy jokes nature plays on us. We are expecting more teeth to be breaking through any day now, because Cole is showing signs of teething again. Drool that soaks a bib in 10 seconds, runny nose, hands (and everything else) in the mouth, and random night awakenings. Thank goodness for teething rings to bite on and wet wash cloths to suck on. Anything to make the little dude more comfortable. Before we know it this adorable gummy smile will be filled with a whole set of pearly whites!


The storm that postponed Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween Greg and I went the Blarney Stone in Dorchester to hang out in our old stomping ground. Plus, it was a good excuse to dress up in costumes, which we do every year. We knew that snow was in the forecast, but figured it couldn’t be that bad. After all it was only October. After a few hours of hanging out in the city we decided to head back to the apartment to relieve Greg’s mom of babysitting duties.

There were some flurries falling when we left the Blarney, but no accumulation…until we drove about 20 minutes south. While dropping a friend off a town over we had to take a detour from the main road because there were trees and power lines down everywhere. The side roads were also a mess, but thankfully there was man dressed in a beaver costume in front of us (remember it’s Halloween) clearing out fallen branches and small trees so we could continue down the street. When we finally made it home about two hours later we found Greg’s mom curled up on the couch using tea lights as the only source of light. I felt awful! She didn’t know where a flashlight was or candles. The phones didn’t work either. Thankfully all of us were safe at home. Side note: We also learned that night that the baby didn’t need the sleep machine on all night in order for him to stay asleep!

The power didn’t come back on in Sharon for another 4 days, and we were the lucky ones! There were many surrounding towns that didn’t get power for a little over a week. Because there was no power, trick-or-treating got postponed for a week in many locations across the state and in New Hampshire. But don’t fret! We still found an occasion to dress Cole up in his Halloween costume. A friend of mine hosted a brunch and all the babies got dressed for the occasion. Cole’s first costume? A dinosaur!

My little pumpkin

I was determined to introduce Cole to everything that autumn in New England has to offer.  Our first harvest adventure brought us to Tougas Farm in Northboro, MA.  We went apple and pumpkin picking.  The apple orchard was huge and we wandered up and down the aisles of trees, picking the best of the bunch. Cole spotted the one he liked right away. It was later made into apple pie.

Pumpkin picking was next! Cole took pictures with quite a few pumpkins in October, both at Tougas farm and a few other places. Cole was more interested in the hay and grass that the pumpkins sat on than the actual pumpkins themselves. No matter where we were he was always the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

We have had amazing weather for the past couple of months (besides the snow storm in October…another story for another day) and we tried to take advantage of it as much as we could. One day we spent a couple of hours in Norfolk, MA at Jane and Paul’s Farm with friends. First, was a hay ride.  The kids loved being pulled in a big-wheeled wagon by the tractor.  Then we dared to enter a corn maze. We made a few wrong turns as we maneuvered the strollers through a sea of leafless trees, but eventually made our way out without having to call for help.

Having Cole makes me appreciate the little things that each season has to offer, as if I’m seeing them for the first time too. I love observing him as he breathes in new shapes, new colors, new everything!  And now…drum roll…a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.