A letter to Cole – 7 months

Dear Cole,

Seven months have flown by and you are growing so fast right before our eyes.  You were 5 pounds 5 ounces when you were born and at your 6 month check up you were up to 16 pounds 12 ounces!  You went from being in the first percentile to the 30th percentile in just a half a year.

We have gotten to spend every day of your life together and I’m so thankful to your Dad for that.  I’ve enjoyed being present for all of your milestones and firsts, and learning first hand what makes you happy, relaxed, and even sad.  When you were a newborn you loved to sleep in two places.  On Mama and in your swing.  You loved your Fisher Price Zen swing, especially when we turned on the nature sounds.  The swing is also where Mima introduced you to your Aiden and Anais security blankets.  She would put it over your eyes and you would snuggle into it to help soothe you to sleep.  You still sleep with one every night in your crib.

Some other places you’ve enjoyed spending time when we are at home are your blue chair, your exersaucer, and your jumper.  You have always been such a fun baby and you want to play all the time! Now that you have started to crawl you are all over the place.  The items that motivate you to move the fastest are Mama’s phone, the green light-up frog, and books.

You want to play so much that it was a challenge to get you on a good nap schedule.  But you have been doing so well the past couple of weeks.  Right now you are napping for about 1 hour in the morning and 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  I’m so proud of the good sleeper you have become!  You sleep on your stomach every night with your little bum sticking up in the air and your hands tucked underneath your stomach.  Dad and I love to watch you sleep.

You smile all the time when you are with people you know.  When a stranger is around, or we are some place you aren’t familiar with, you are more observant.  Eventually you will warm up and the smile and dimples come back.  Lately you’ve been smiling so hard that it makes you scrunch your nose and squint your eyes.  You love to laugh.  Especially when Daddy has you up in the air.  Sometimes for no reason at all!  People stop me on the street so they can comment on how beautiful your eyes are.  And they are the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

Being on your back for too long makes you feel agitated, so you get plenty of tummy time.  When you are tired or upset we give you your binky and take you on walks.  You love to take long walks in the stroller.  I think it’s because you like to look at everything around you, and you love to be outside.  You are much happier when we are out running errands or at the park than when we are stuck inside all day! I love you for that.

Your favorite book is The Very Lonely Firefly, but you seem to like to stick Goodnight Moon in your mouth when you are playing.  Daddy gives you a bath every night before bed and you love it.  Usually you kick your legs and splash water at him.  I sing to you all the time.  I’m excited for when you will sing with me!  I also love to dance with you when a good song comes on. You are starting to become a chatter box like your mom! You love to say “Dada” “Hi” and “Yeah” in this deep, raspy voice.

Daddy and I are so proud of you.  We love watching you reach every milestone and seeing your personality come to life!  You are the light of our life and your bright energy is contagious to anyone who is around you.  We love you, Cole 🙂

Love, Mama

The best part of waking up…

I’m not a morning person. I’m sure my mom is nodding her head in agreement as she is reading this post.  The sound of an alarm clock makes me growl and nuzzle deeper into my pillow.  I’ve always felt like a zombie going through the motions for the first hour after my feet hit the floor in the morning.  Brush teeth.  Shower.  Dress.  Sustenance.  Coffee.

Now the only morning fogginess I feel occurs in the steps between my bed and Cole’s crib.  Seeing my baby’s smile is all the caffeine I need.  As soon as I open the nursery door I hear him start to kick his legs in excitement in anticipation of seeing mom or dad come around the corner.  He can’t quite pull himself up to standing position, so he strains his neck back while he is on all fours, rocking back and forth, to get a good view.

Waiting for me is an open mouth smile so big I can see his first two bottom teeth poking through.  Dimples so deep and nose so scrunched it forces his eyes to squint.  The epitome of happiness all rolled up in this moment and in this infant that I love so much.  It’s as if we haven’t seen each other in days, when in reality it’s only been 12 hours since I kissed him goodnight.

These moments with Cole bring meaning to my life.  And although I never thought it was possible, Cole has made me a morning person. Well…more than before at least!

First family vacation with baby

New Hampshire in August was the perfect setting for our first family vacation.  Pre-baby, our ideal vacation would include some sort of travel, the sun, good restaurants and plenty of cocktails.  Now that Cole has joined us we had to think outside the box a little!  My generous parents gave us the lakehouse for the week so the location was an easy decision.  Cole was already familiar with the house which relieved my worry of him waking up, having no idea where he was, and crying out for us in the middle of the night.

The week started off with a family pool party at my grandparents house.  It was fun to sit and reminisce about the days when my cousins and I would be running around together playing in the backyard.  The torch is now being passed on to all our little ones!  My grandparents are now great-grandparents to six beautiful children and babies.  Here are Greg and Aunt Kim holding Cole and Chloe (only 1 month apart!).

Besides the pool, we also spent a lot of time in the lake.  My brother and his girlfriend bought us this amazing baby carrier that is made for the water.  Best invention ever!  It made swimming with Cole so much easier for him and me.  If anyone is planning on spending time in the water with their baby I highly recommend the Body Glove Neoprene infant carrier.

One day we took a road trip to North Conway.  Cole slept the whole way there and the whole way back.  We’ve learned that great naps are one of the perks of taking mini road trips!  Although he couldn’t enjoy the food like we did, Cole got to experience one of our favorite restaurants in the area, Flatbread Company.  I love them because they use local ingredients to make delicious brickoven pizza. YUM.

One of my favorite parts of the week was our visit to one of the most charming towns in New England, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  After a delicious lunch at Crepes Ohh La La, we took Cole for a walk down Cotton Valley Trail.  It was such a peaceful afternoon.

I love my family and I can’t wake for our next vacation!  Perhaps we will get Cole on a plane next time (eek!).  Where did you take your first family vacation?