Picture blog: Cole meets the lake

We introduced Cole to my favorite place in the whole world, Lake Winnipesaukee.  My Dad was excited to take him on his first couple of boat rides during 4th of July weekend.  It started a little rocky his first time out and he started to cry with the roar of the engine…

…But it was only because he wanted to drive the boat so Grandpa obliged.

All that driving tuckered him out so he was ready for a  nice nap.

The next time he was on the boat he was awake and ready to go!

Mima hogged Cole most of the time, but that’s what Mimas do!

Daddy got some quality time too. My guys are cool dudes.

The wind was strong when we went fast, but Cole didn’t mind.

The smile on my baby’s face was the best part of the boat ride.

Cole also went swimming in the lake for the first time! We got him all dressed up in his water gear.

He was kicking away – what a swimmer!

We went a little deeper and he loved that too.

I will always cherish the memory of our first summer at the lake with our baby boy.

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