Baby on the move

Cole had been quasi rolling over by the end of June, around the time he turned 4 months old.  He quickly became an expert at rolling the second week of July.  We are thrilled that Cole has crossed this new developmental milestone and we’ve given him plenty of cheers and high fives.  It’s even more fun to play with him now that he can roll over, and boy does he get plenty of tummy time!  There are a couple of changes that I’ve had to get used to.  I used to be able to plop him on an activity mat with plenty of toys to entertain him and buzz around the kitchen doing chores and cooking.  Now when I turn my head from him and turn back around a moment later he has rolled himself from the mat onto the wood floor!

It’s also opened Cole’s eyes to new possibilities while he is in his crib.  For example, we still put him down on his back in his crib because that’s what is recommended for babies until they are 1 year old, but he doesn’t stay that way for long!  When he doesn’t feel like sleeping, he’ll roll and wiggle his way all around.  We love our Summer Infant video monitor because we can actually change the position of the camera using the receiver when he moves. Sometimes we’ll look on monitor and find him with an arm or a leg hanging out of the crib bars.  And once in a while he will make his way to the corner of the crib and howl as if he is in prison!

And he sleeps on his side or on his stomach…no matter where he is. Even on the swing he’ll twist around on his side!

And now a quick clip of the baby in action…

I know this is just beginning of Cole’s transition from stationary newborn to walking-talking baby, and it’s so fun to watch him change from day to day…but does it have to happen so freaking fast?!?

3 thoughts on “Baby on the move

  1. He is going to grow leaps and bounds now that he is on the move. Next will be crawling, which I think will be soon. He is a precious boy LIndsay and I love watching you with him as he makes many changes. Such a joy 🙂 xo

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