Feed my belly

I look forward to Fourth of July weekend BBQs all year long.  Since we were surrounded by so much food all weekend it seemed like the perfect time to introduce solid foods to Cole.  At his four month appointment, the pediatrician said that it’s best to introduce solid foods to babies between four and six months.  Research has shown that introducing food during this timeframe will help prevent food allergies when he is a little older.  Since Cole is gaining plenty of weight on his current diet of all breast milk, it wasn’t a nutritional necessity to start feeding him solids.  Even though it would be more of a social activity for him, we were told that a few signs to look out for that indicate a baby is ready are: eating more often (every 2 – 2 1/2 hours), waking up more often during the night (2 – 3 times), and watching us eat with curiosity.  By the time Fourth of July weekend rolled in we could check off all three if those boxes… so we decided it was time for Cole to try some food.  

We decided on organic puréed pears, simply because it was the first food our pediatrician fed to all six of his kids. Have I mentioned our pediatrician’s name is Charlie Brown?  How could anyone possibly not trust a pediatrician named Charlie Brown.

 It was a beautiful morning on Lake Winnipesaukee when we figured we would give it a go. Sitting patiently in his Bumbo, American flag bib secured around his neck, Cole was ready to eat solids for the first time. And boy did he eat!  It was like he had been taking food from a spoon for months and kept going back for more.  Props to Plum Organics because those pears were quite delicious and my four month old gobbled it right up!  

When did you first introduce solids to your little one?  And what food was it?

4 thoughts on “Feed my belly

  1. Linds, he was so passionate about eating those pears…made my heart feel good cause you know he will be cooking with Mima and loving to eat it all. Just Sweetness that baby Cole of ours xo

  2. Yummy! Yay Cole! Sophia started solids a little after 6 months and we started with veggies first. Mashed carrots and sweet potatoes – yum! At 15 months she started getting a little picky and refused all meat and many of the old favorite veggies. I’ve learned that some grated Parmesan cheese can be quite the saving grace! Have fun with the new adventure in eating!!!

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