Picture blog: Cole meets the lake

We introduced Cole to my favorite place in the whole world, Lake Winnipesaukee.  My Dad was excited to take him on his first couple of boat rides during 4th of July weekend.  It started a little rocky his first time out and he started to cry with the roar of the engine…

…But it was only because he wanted to drive the boat so Grandpa obliged.

All that driving tuckered him out so he was ready for a  nice nap.

The next time he was on the boat he was awake and ready to go!

Mima hogged Cole most of the time, but that’s what Mimas do!

Daddy got some quality time too. My guys are cool dudes.

The wind was strong when we went fast, but Cole didn’t mind.

The smile on my baby’s face was the best part of the boat ride.

Cole also went swimming in the lake for the first time! We got him all dressed up in his water gear.

He was kicking away – what a swimmer!

We went a little deeper and he loved that too.

I will always cherish the memory of our first summer at the lake with our baby boy.

Mom asked to stop breastfeeding in store

A mom shopping at American Girl Place in New York last weekend was asked to stop breastfeeding her baby in the seating area of the store. In tears, she moved to a fitting room while employees talked about her loudly outside  the door. Her husband shared her experience on his blog by posting what she wrote on her Facebook account after the incident happened:

So, we were at American Girl today and Lainey was really needing to be nursed. She was way overstimulated and inconsolable. So, Sundi found a place with comfy chairs in a semi-private area. Well, this rude woman comes over to me and says, “You need to do that somewhere else. Try the fitting rooms,” and walked away.

Well, I went downstairs to the fitting room and asked the woman there, “Can I nurse her here,” referring to my screaming-bloody-murder child at this point. She says, “I need to find out.” She comes back a few minutes later and says, “Go ahead, whatever.” She then continued to talk about me to another worker just outside the fitting room door I was in.

I was crying. I have heard of this happening to other women but have never experienced it myself. How awful…

This is totally unacceptable and as a nursing mother I’m personally offended by the ignorant employees at American Girl.  Forty-Five states, including New York, have laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location. Nursing is a huge sacrifice and it’s difficult enough without additional societal pressures and people making you feel like you are doing something dirty or wrong. If this woman had sat down and started feeding her baby from a bottle no one would have glanced twice at her.
I breastfeed Cole, and I’ll be the first to admit that nursing in public is uncomfortable. No matter how much I cover up there are still people who stare at you like you have ten heads. Does the world think that I enjoy pulling out my breasts in public? No! But I do it because it’s the healthiest and most natural way to nourish my baby. I’m proud of my choice and no one will make me feel ashamed for breastfeeding my child. When did breastfeeding, something that has taken place since the beginning of time, become so disturbing to people? And WHY?
Normally my posts are much happier,  but I had to share this woman’s story and my reaction to it because it’s an important subject. If breastfeeding continues to be widely unaccepted by the American public, less and less moms will nurse. And that’s truly a shame. There are so many benefits to nursing, both emotionally and physically, for mom and baby. I think that if it was more widely accepted then more people would at least try.
So now that my rant is done…to summarize how I feel:

Baby on the move

Cole had been quasi rolling over by the end of June, around the time he turned 4 months old.  He quickly became an expert at rolling the second week of July.  We are thrilled that Cole has crossed this new developmental milestone and we’ve given him plenty of cheers and high fives.  It’s even more fun to play with him now that he can roll over, and boy does he get plenty of tummy time!  There are a couple of changes that I’ve had to get used to.  I used to be able to plop him on an activity mat with plenty of toys to entertain him and buzz around the kitchen doing chores and cooking.  Now when I turn my head from him and turn back around a moment later he has rolled himself from the mat onto the wood floor!

It’s also opened Cole’s eyes to new possibilities while he is in his crib.  For example, we still put him down on his back in his crib because that’s what is recommended for babies until they are 1 year old, but he doesn’t stay that way for long!  When he doesn’t feel like sleeping, he’ll roll and wiggle his way all around.  We love our Summer Infant video monitor because we can actually change the position of the camera using the receiver when he moves. Sometimes we’ll look on monitor and find him with an arm or a leg hanging out of the crib bars.  And once in a while he will make his way to the corner of the crib and howl as if he is in prison!

And he sleeps on his side or on his stomach…no matter where he is. Even on the swing he’ll twist around on his side!

And now a quick clip of the baby in action…

I know this is just beginning of Cole’s transition from stationary newborn to walking-talking baby, and it’s so fun to watch him change from day to day…but does it have to happen so freaking fast?!?

Feed my belly

I look forward to Fourth of July weekend BBQs all year long.  Since we were surrounded by so much food all weekend it seemed like the perfect time to introduce solid foods to Cole.  At his four month appointment, the pediatrician said that it’s best to introduce solid foods to babies between four and six months.  Research has shown that introducing food during this timeframe will help prevent food allergies when he is a little older.  Since Cole is gaining plenty of weight on his current diet of all breast milk, it wasn’t a nutritional necessity to start feeding him solids.  Even though it would be more of a social activity for him, we were told that a few signs to look out for that indicate a baby is ready are: eating more often (every 2 – 2 1/2 hours), waking up more often during the night (2 – 3 times), and watching us eat with curiosity.  By the time Fourth of July weekend rolled in we could check off all three if those boxes… so we decided it was time for Cole to try some food.  

We decided on organic puréed pears, simply because it was the first food our pediatrician fed to all six of his kids. Have I mentioned our pediatrician’s name is Charlie Brown?  How could anyone possibly not trust a pediatrician named Charlie Brown.

 It was a beautiful morning on Lake Winnipesaukee when we figured we would give it a go. Sitting patiently in his Bumbo, American flag bib secured around his neck, Cole was ready to eat solids for the first time. And boy did he eat!  It was like he had been taking food from a spoon for months and kept going back for more.  Props to Plum Organics because those pears were quite delicious and my four month old gobbled it right up!  

When did you first introduce solids to your little one?  And what food was it?