Learning my ABC’s as a new mom

Being a new mom changes everything.  Every ounce of your energy is focused on taking care of your new little bundle of joy.  Amongst all the happiness there are so many questions that arise.  Babies can’t tell you what they are feeling or what they need.  They can’t tap you on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me Mom, but when you have a moment I’ll need a new diaper as I’m feeling rather wet and irritated down there.”  The only way a baby knows to communicate that they need something is by crying.  There were many times in those first few weeks that I would cry right along with my little one because I was so sad that I couldn’t figure out what he needed to prevent him from getting so upset!  But then I learned my ABC’s…All Babies Cry.

I learned the ABC’s in a new moms group I joined at Isis Parenting called Great Beginnings.  It was the best thing I did for my baby and myself.  Great Beginnings is a 6 week class for moms with babies 2 – 6 weeks old.  It got me out of the house with my baby, which is a scary thing as a new mom!  Getting Cole in the car seat and taking him for a ride scared the – you know what – out of me for weeks.  We learned songs that I still sing to Cole.  Greg even started singing the songs to him too!  I made friends with the other moms and we still have play-dates even after the class is over.  Not only did we learn a lot from the class instructor, but we also learned a lot from each other.   We shared our individual experiences as our babies grew along side one another week after week.  Talking to the other moms made me feel normal, which is a self-description I would rarely use during those first few weeks.  I could feel my confidence start to grow as a mom every week.  Here is a picture of the “students” in my Isis class as the instructor read them a story.  Cole is the one ready to roll over on the right hand side 🙂

Little did I know that soon after I learned about the ABC’s I would start being able to distinguish between Cole’s cries.  He still can’t tell me whether he is hungry or tired, but I can usually tell the difference based on his cry.  I learn something new as a mom every day, but the ABC’s were definitely one of the biggies.  It helped me relax…just a little bit.

One thought on “Learning my ABC’s as a new mom

  1. I remember well, what you are feeling… Alone w 2 babies, so far from my loved one’s. Remember always, that we are not that far away. just a phone call or email away. We love you and your wonderful family!!! I feel a Patriot’s game in my bucket list for the fall! Joni

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