Newborn photo session with Zemler Wu

A month before Cole was born I won a free newborn photo session with a local photographer, Marie Zemler Wu.  A week after Cole was born, Marie arrived at our condo and set the stage for the photo shoot.  She had blankets, accessories, and even a portable heater to ensure my baby was nice and cozy!   Every detail was meticulously planned and under control…everything except for Cole.  He was having some really bad gas that day, which made it difficult to soothe him into a sleepy state for pictures.  Marie was so patient stayed with us from about 9am – 1pm to make sure she got every possible photograph.  She even encouraged us by saying that a gassy baby can result in some cute smirks to capture on camera!

A week later on our way to Marie’s for the viewing, Greg and I had our doubts about how many photographs we would want to purchase.  After all, the newborn stage is such a short moment in time and he will look different every day!  However, as soon as the slide show began I fell in love with every single picture of my little miracle boy.  I realized I needed to have these photographs that so beautifully captured this short moment in time when my baby was so fresh and new to the world.  He was about to become a sponge, discovering all the functions of his body and the excitement of the world around him.  The newborn photographs represent my baby in his most pure, innocent, vulnerable state.

We purchased a beautiful album, a framed wall piece that holds three photographs, and several additional photographs for ourselves and family members.  All the pictures are beautiful to look at, and a warmth fills me up when I look at them (The framed piece is the centerpiece of our living room!).  I love them even more now, several months later, because I see how quickly he is growing and changing!

I would recommend Zemler Wu Photography to anyone!  And for all you new moms out there, a newborn photo shoot is sooooo worth it 🙂

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