Bringing baby home

Greg and I went to visit our little boy in the special care unit as soon as we woke up the following morning.  Even though he was a full term baby, Cole was born in the first percentile for size, which resulted in some complications.  We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but we were brimming over with excitement to see our new son!  They explained to us that Cole had low blood sugar, which is common in small babies.  The nurses assured us that Cole would be okay, which put us at ease and helped us see past the IV and the little bandages on his feet from where they had to prick his heals to draw blood for testing.  A lot of the time that we spent in the hospital is blurry since both Greg and I were exhausted with worry and anticipation.  Every day we would pray that the doctor would give us good news, and let us bring our little boy home.

Cole also got jaundice while he was in the hospital, and the treatment for it meant that he had to stay in this special bed with blue lights all the time except for 30 minute feeding times.

Greg and I did not miss one feeding.  And when we were not with Cole, Rocco the Raccoon kept him company.  Finally, we received the green light that we could leave the hospital.  Cole graduated from special care and it was time to bring our baby home!

Greg drove below the speed limit all the way home.  One positive that we took away from being at the hospital a few extra days is that the nurses taught us a lot!  We figured we were pros from all the knowledge we attained in special care.  But as we walked through the door to our condo we found ourselves wondering, “What do we do now?”

Our bedroom became the “safe place” for our new little family.  We borrowed a bassinet from friends for Cole to sleep in, and had all the supplies we needed were within reach.  As bedtime approached the first night home with our baby, Greg volunteered to change Cole’s diaper.  The careful changing took place at the edge of our bed as I started to doze off.  Suddenly I was awoken by an explosive sound coming from my little Cole and saw poop soaring in the air and hitting our closet doors 3 feet away from the bed.  Greg and I cracked up laughing  as we started to clean up.  Our belly laughs cleanse us of all the stress that weighed us down during our stay at the hospital.  Cole’s explosive poop made us feel like a normal new mom and dad.  We learned two things that first night with our newborn.  Changing tables exist for a reason, and we really had no idea what we were doing.

But our hearts swelled with love for each other and our little boy.  And that’s all that really mattered.

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