Showered with love, baby!

An afternoon shared with family and friends dedicated to showering my baby boy with gifts of love.  What could be better than that for a first time mom-to-be?!

Greg dropped me off at the clubhouse and quickly fled the scene to avoid the estrogen that had already filled the atmosphere.  Walking into the room I was greeted by all of the best ladies in my life.  Each table I visited greeted me with hugs, kisses, well wishes…and of course belly rubs!  My mom invited some of the guests to bring a balloon in the color that reminded them of me.  There were a variety of colors, but I noticed quite a few yellows and greens in there!

The food spread had all of my favorite things: macaroni and cheese, meatballs, deli sandwiches, fruit with homemade whipped cream…YUM!  And just to left of all of this marvelous food was a champagne fountain for Mimosas!  Clearly not for me, but everyone else was definitely enjoying it!  The final tally?  16 bottles of champagne…I wouldn’t expect anything less from this group of gals 🙂

After the feast, my mom made a beautiful toast.  She described how she felt when she had me as “bursting with love” and I can’t wait to be able to relate to that feeling when Cole arrives.  My mom said that each generation has the opportunity to be a better mom than their mom was, but I’m really not sure that is possible in my case.  My mom has always supported me and loved me and shown me what it means to be a confident, capable, caring woman.  She even got her Reiki certification to help me during labor!  She is going to be an amazing grandmother (Mima)  – Cole will adore her.  Mom closed her speech by toasting all of the women in the room who recently had a baby, or are pregnant – there were quite a few in the room! 

There were presents…and there was baby shower Bingo!

The cake was adorned with forest friends and made with whipped cream frosting (my favorite!).  It was so cute and delicious!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday to celebrate our baby boy!  And a special thanks to the amazing party planners: My mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-laws (Mom, Dennise, Missy and Toni).  You created such a special day for me, and I will never forget it.  Cole is blessed to have such loving and enthusiastic grandmothers and aunties!

6 thoughts on “Showered with love, baby!

  1. Lindsay,

    Definitely cried reading this one!!! Your mom loves you to pieces! You and your mom’s bond is so special and I am sure you will have that bond with Cole. You are an amazing woman and will be nothing short of an amazing mom to your baby boy. I can’t wait to see him grow and watch that special bond you will have with him.
    Your shower showed just how much love you have in your life. Everyone is so happy for you and Greg, especially Matt and I! I brought you a blue and yellow balloon…blue, well, for the obvious reason you are having a baby boy and yellow because you are always so sweet and fun to be around! You always make me feel happy when I’m spending time with you.

    Love u! Auntie Sam ❤

  2. Linds..I am so happy and not surprised to have seen the support and all the wonderful ladies that came to celebrate this day with you. Dad and I are very proud of you and know we will be amazed at what a wonderful Mother you will be. You and Greg will be a great TEAM guiding, loving, supporting, and protecting your sweet boy.

    You and Bryan are a tribute to my Life..which is full of Love and Light because of you two.

    I love you xox Mom

  3. can’t imagine how more amazing you can be than I see you now..but I know you will even blossom more as a Mom. How lucky Cole is to have not one but TWO amazing women raising him, he will just ADORE his Mima!!! All those women at the shower were there because you are so special!!
    We brought 3 balloons :)..I thought Jane would bring one and me the other but Jane insisted that she needed to bring two. From Jane’s mouth..”One was yellow, because you bring happiness and sunshine and the other was blue because you look good in blue”, LOL…mine was green…spring, fresh, new, healthy, life, and energy.
    So have you got through any of the baby loot yet? you’re lucky you have another month, you may need it!
    Love ya Linds! XOXO

    • Jane told me about her choice of colors. She made me laugh on the blue one 🙂 I love her. As far as green, it was funny to see that as a recurring color. During our hypnobirthing class we had to choose a birth color during one of our meditations. Greg and I both chose green without realizing it until later! Kinda cool 🙂 Love you Amy!

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