Pregnancy Week 34: Taking a chill pill

For over a month now I’ve been getting strong Braxton Hicks contractions, which is very normal, and really hasn’t been painful.  In fact, I’ve started calling them “warm ups” because I think it has a more positive connotation than the image that comes to my mind from the word contraction.  Since the warm ups started, my doctor has been prescribing me a dose of “take it easy” which is difficult to swallow since it doesn’t come in pill form.

Last week the warm ups got a lot stronger and came more frequently, so I went to the doctor to make sure that everything was okay with the baby and me.  Greg came with me and explained to the doctor, “There is something that you need to understand about Lindsay.  She is an extremely active person.  If there is something different that she needs to be doing, then it needs to be spelled out for her.”  He’s so great 🙂  After an exam and monitoring my warm ups for a couple of hours, the doctor’s orders arrived: modified bed rest.  With modified bed rest, you’re generally prohibited from working, driving, and doing household chores.  For those of you that know me well, you can understand how difficult sitting still is for me.  However, I will do anything to keep this baby cooking until he is good and ready to make his grand entrance!

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, but there two things that I’m most thankful for right now that have helped make the past couple of weeks less stressful.  The first is my husband.  He continues to amaze me and steps up in every way humanly possible.  Cole has such a great Dad!  The second is the fact that I’m able to work from home, which is a benefit that a lot of people do not share with me.  So a quick salute to my husband, to technology, and to my understanding bosses and co-workers! 🙂

Even though weeks 33 and 34 have totally kicked my butt, it will be ending on a great note.  I can’t wait to see everyone at my baby shower on Saturday!  Oh – and before I sign off, here are a couple of week 34 belly shots:

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 34: Taking a chill pill

  1. I am thankful for a few things too. One is you and Greg creating our first grandson that we will forever be thankful and second give Kuddo’s to Iprospect for supporting and understanding the importance of keeping a mom healthy during her pregnancy. More business’s should get on board.

    Absolutely Love the belly shots, you just keep getting more beautiful by the minute Linds. I am so looking forward to your shower tomorrow and sharing a celebration with all your family and friends. It will be a wonderful blessed day. I love you my best girl. M xo

  2. love love love those belly shots!!!! can’t wait to see it in person today (?) or tomorrow!! It’s VERY hard to be on best rest but somehow it does make it easier to sit still knowing that you are “growing” your son 🙂 and just say YES to help, one because it’s okay and two because you have no choice, LOL. Thank goodness you have a great company to work for to keep you busy and hopefully some good books and netflix! Love ya Linds!

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