A poem for my baby boy

I started writing poetry when I was a little girl.  I still remember the bright yellow notebook that I would scrawl all my thoughts in.  I felt inspired this evening to get back to my roots and write a small poem for Cole that I can read to him when he arrives.  Keep in mind that it’s been awhile, but I promise I did my best!

A Baby’s Gift

Looking through your eyes
Everything is new again
The colors of sun rise
The moon on the horizon

Listening with your ears
The world orchestrates sound
Like city sirens howling near
And people talking all around

Feeling touches on your skin
What is course and what is smooth
Like Dad’s unshaven chin
And a blanket when it moves

Taste buds satisfied
With milk and kisses, simply
Nothing grilled or fried
Will suit your newborn belly

Thank you for this gift
My precious little one
I’m looking through your eyes
And everything is new again.

2 thoughts on “A poem for my baby boy

  1. just more thing that makes you amazing Linds!! your words are so heartfelt!! I’ll be waiting to hear about the book deal someday 🙂 xoxoxo

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