Pregnancy Week 34: Taking a chill pill

For over a month now I’ve been getting strong Braxton Hicks contractions, which is very normal, and really hasn’t been painful.  In fact, I’ve started calling them “warm ups” because I think it has a more positive connotation than the image that comes to my mind from the word contraction.  Since the warm ups started, my doctor has been prescribing me a dose of “take it easy” which is difficult to swallow since it doesn’t come in pill form.

Last week the warm ups got a lot stronger and came more frequently, so I went to the doctor to make sure that everything was okay with the baby and me.  Greg came with me and explained to the doctor, “There is something that you need to understand about Lindsay.  She is an extremely active person.  If there is something different that she needs to be doing, then it needs to be spelled out for her.”  He’s so great 🙂  After an exam and monitoring my warm ups for a couple of hours, the doctor’s orders arrived: modified bed rest.  With modified bed rest, you’re generally prohibited from working, driving, and doing household chores.  For those of you that know me well, you can understand how difficult sitting still is for me.  However, I will do anything to keep this baby cooking until he is good and ready to make his grand entrance!

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, but there two things that I’m most thankful for right now that have helped make the past couple of weeks less stressful.  The first is my husband.  He continues to amaze me and steps up in every way humanly possible.  Cole has such a great Dad!  The second is the fact that I’m able to work from home, which is a benefit that a lot of people do not share with me.  So a quick salute to my husband, to technology, and to my understanding bosses and co-workers! 🙂

Even though weeks 33 and 34 have totally kicked my butt, it will be ending on a great note.  I can’t wait to see everyone at my baby shower on Saturday!  Oh – and before I sign off, here are a couple of week 34 belly shots:

A poem for my baby boy

I started writing poetry when I was a little girl.  I still remember the bright yellow notebook that I would scrawl all my thoughts in.  I felt inspired this evening to get back to my roots and write a small poem for Cole that I can read to him when he arrives.  Keep in mind that it’s been awhile, but I promise I did my best!

A Baby’s Gift

Looking through your eyes
Everything is new again
The colors of sun rise
The moon on the horizon

Listening with your ears
The world orchestrates sound
Like city sirens howling near
And people talking all around

Feeling touches on your skin
What is course and what is smooth
Like Dad’s unshaven chin
And a blanket when it moves

Taste buds satisfied
With milk and kisses, simply
Nothing grilled or fried
Will suit your newborn belly

Thank you for this gift
My precious little one
I’m looking through your eyes
And everything is new again.

Our Babymoon in NH

Everyone suggests that Greg and I rest up and “take it easy” before our baby arrives.  With that advice in mind, Greg booked us a romantic weekend at Church Landing in Meredith, NH.  As I opened the door to our charming lakeview room I was greeted with a champagne bucket containing Welch’s Sparkling White Grape Juice.  If that doesn’t say “let’s party!” then I don’t know what does 🙂

After enjoying an afternoon of reading by the fireplace, we indulged in a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant in Meredith.  Our weekend package covered dinner at Lago that included an appetizer, entree and dessert…for each of us!  I waddled my way to our table before dinner due to the big baby belly, so as you can imagine, Greg had to practically role me out of the restaurant afterward.

On Saturday we walked around the Mill Falls shops and enjoyed the beautiful snowy landscape.  As much as I miss summer, it’s so beautiful up there this time of year!

And then is was massage time!  Greg had planned an amazing afternoon of pampering ourselves with a couples massage.  I was a little nervous getting a massage because of how pregnant I am, but my worry soon melted away to complete relaxation!  It felt amazing and we were totally refreshed when we got back to our room.

It was really important to Greg and me that we spend a weekend away together before Cole arrives.  We were able to relax and just enjoy each others company.  It’s going to be an intense, crazy, wonderful transition that will be taking place in our lives, and we are so ready for the journey ahead!  (Especially now that we took everyone’s advise to “take it easy” for a couple of days.)

Lake Winnipesaukee is such a special place for Greg and me.  All weekend we kept saying how excited we were to introduce Cole to the lake!  We know that he will love it as much as we do 🙂