My fun travels during pregnancy

It’s been a busy couple months for Baby B and me!  I was excited to get a couple of trips in before my third trimester began and I could no longer fly.  Our first adventure took us to beautiful West Virginia to visit my cousin and his family.  Greg, my cousin Matt, his lovely wife Samantha and I all hopped a quick flight down from MA to WV.  Every year I’m reminded how lucky I am to be a New Englander to watch the wide spectrum of colors that Autumn brings.  It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the same colors spread across the West Virginia landscape as well!

The precious cutie-pie in this picture is Sophia.  She is almost a year old and is such a happy baby!  Her personality shines through and I had so much fun spending a few days playing with her!  I think it’s important for future Moms and Dads to spend time with new parents, especially when they are as wonderful as my cousin and his wife.  They gave us lot of great advice, which I haven’t forgotten! For example, Joy shared with me that I’ll most likely get a lot of clothes sized 0-3 months.  She recommended not to remove all the tags and wash all the clothes before Baby B arrives.  Yes, this can hard when the nesting phase of pregnancy strikes, but it’s worth resisting the temptation!  This way we can exchange some of the smaller sizes for a size larger, which will extend the wardrobe longer as the baby quickly grows.  A genius Mommy tidbit.

The next trip on the itinerary was Austin, Texas with my Mom to visit our friends Maggie and Randy.  Austin was beautiful, and so much “hilly-er” than I imagined!  I always envisioned TX to be very flat, but I quickly learned on the short trip from the airport to their home that my assumption was wrong.  One thing is for sure.  People do not go hungry in TX!  My belly grew during those few days I spent in Austin.  Not sure whether it from the growing baby in my belly, or whether it was from all the delicious food I ate!

I am thankful to our gracious hosts in West Virginia and Texas.  I’m also thankful that Baby B seemed to like flying!  Besides the kicks to the bladder that had me running to the little airplane bathroom stalls every 10 minutes, I felt great on all of the flights.  Greg wondered whether flying during pregnancy will help make the baby more comfortable with flying once he is out in the real world 🙂  I’m not sure about that… but either way, my little boy and I have already had some great adventures together.

4 thoughts on “My fun travels during pregnancy

  1. We feel so blessed to have had you all with us! What a fantastic weekend for us. Sophia misses you all and can’t wait to meet baby B and teach him her tricks. You look radiant in your latest pictures and are wearing that growing bump so well. Can’t wait til he’s here. You and Greg are going to be such a fantastic mommy and daddy. Let’s chat soon. Xoxo

  2. Looks like you have made some wonderful memories Linds…and lucky to have family and friends to share it with. I too enjoyed our adventure in Austin with Randy and Maggs, and spending time with you for the last time before your little one comes to join us in this world. It still is hard to imagine my little girl becoming a mommy it fills my heart so when I think about. Baby B does not know yet how lucky he is to be coming into a world with such a loving Mom and Dad and all the extended family and friends to boot. How much fun will it all be 🙂 xoxo Can’t wait!!!!!

  3. We enjoyed your blog and glad to see you had some great trips. We hope to see you and Greg at Sharon’s open house on the 25th.

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