Bump is the New Black

Being a pregnant fashionista is tough!  As the belly grows, the wardrobe goes.  The last time I felt comfortable in my tight fitting clothes was on my anniversary.  Greg and I had an amazing evening planned: dinner at Abe & Louie’s followed by a showing of Wicked at the Oprah house.  So I put on a sexy shirt, black pants, and a leather jacket.  As I glided up to my full-length mirror and turned to my side, gazing lovingly at my barely visible baby bump, I thought to myself with satisfaction, “Bump is the new black!”  I felt like the cutest little pregnant lady, fitting into my normal clothes, bump and all!  I even made Greg take a picture, although it took him a while to find an angle that showcased the belly:

Looking at this picture now, I can understand why Greg had to take so many trial shots!  If I could go back in time and talk to anniversary night Lindsay I would say, “Girl…just you wait!  The bump is coming!”

And it did.  Between week 19 and week 20, I popped.

This Monday after work I put on a fashion show of dresses for Greg.  My goal was to pick out an outfit for a wedding this weekend.  I honestly believed that at least one of my dresses would fit!  Well, I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.

Pregg’s Fashion Fowl #1: My baby belly is pulling the back of the dress!

Pregg’s Fashion Fowl #2: They were big before, but these ladies can’t be tamed!

Pregg’s Fashion Fowl #3: I swear this used to zip up all the way!

The whole photo session was quite comical – I’m sure the baby was laughing along with us in utero.  I looked over at Greg with grin on my face and said, “You know what this means, right? I get to go SHOPPING tomorrow!”  What can I say?  I am just a girl who loves pretty things 🙂

The following day at one of my favorite stores, Free People I found the perfect dress. I’m emphasizing the belly bump here, but I love the bright color, the silky material, and how the dress flows.

I love my baby bump.  You don’t need to be a fashionista when your pregnant.  After all, bump is the new black as far as I’m concerned.  And you don’t argue with a pregnant lady.

9 thoughts on “Bump is the New Black

  1. I was laughing so hard thinking about you trying on all your dresses…..too cute! I have a hard time finding dresses and im NOT pregnant, haha. You are adorable as ever cant wait to see that bump when its in full swing!!!!

  2. LOVE IT! You jusy wait another month or so… when the pop becomes POPPED. I LOVE looking back at my belly bump pics… each one I thought was huge and now in the 3rd trimester I get to look back and laugh… when the bump becomes a boulder. ;o)

    You look AMAZING pregs.

  3. Too funny Linds..put those dresses away for next year LOL…Greg must have been entertained by the fashion show as well as not just seeing how much his lovely wife is growing but his sweet BIG boy…

    I absolutely love the dress you are wearing to the wedding you will be the prettiest prego there 🙂

    Love you xo

  4. you are just so freaking cute Linds, I can’t take it!! Love the fashion show and just love your “belly” even more. How funny it is when you actually want someone to see a belly on yourself!! Great job on your shopping spree, just try not to show up the bride too much!
    Have Greg take a pic in the the same location every month..I took all mine in a sports bra and yoga pants 🙂

  5. loved reading your stories and pictures. It is so great when you can enjoy being pregnant. We are looking forwards for the D day and hoping to see the baby real soon. Hey, what are you naming your son? Ive tried to call you but I think I have the wrong number. Would you send it on my email address. Thanks.

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