It’s a….

My mom came with me to my 16-week ultra-sound.  Over her “Oh Wow’s” and “Oh Lindsay’s” I was able to ask the doctor a few important questions!  Her first comment as she rubbed the ultra-sound instrument around my belly was that I had a very active baby.  He was kicking around and doing a very impressive head stand.  I asked about the heart rate, which was 149 bpm (very healthy).  And then I asked whether she could decipher the sex.  She looked over at me and questioned whether I was sure I wanted to know whether I was having a boy or a girl so early to which I replied:

Yes, Doctor.  I’m a first-born, a pieces, and a planner.  I need to know.

It’s a boy!

Greg and I would have been happy regardless of the sex.  All we want is a healthy baby!  However, Greg is the last of the boy Benson’s in his family who can pass on his name, so for that reason, it is exciting that we are having a boy.  We love the name Cole Benson and are leaning towards that as being our baby’s name!  But who knows…still plenty of time to decide!

Okay – this feels really real now!!!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s a….

  1. YEAH!!! how exciting! You know your Mom has probably already bought out all the baby stuff withing 50 miles of Nashua, LOL He is just going to be the cutest little boy ever…and loved by so many!
    okay..I’m still wating for belly pics!! XOXOX

    • Okay – I promise to send a baby picture on my next post. But I have to warn you…there isn’t much to see yet! 🙂 Every morning I stand in front of the mirror and ask Greg: Did my belly grow while I was sleeping??

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