“He has my lips!”

The next few weeks are filled with naps, visits to the toilet, and hormonal rantings and ravings.  I can honestly say that my husband is the most patient man on the planet and I fall in love with him more and more every day.  This pregnancy has taken my craziness to a whole new level! I was driving home from work, 12 weeks pregnant, totally exhausted, but otherwise feeling pretty normal.  Then out of nowhere I started crying my eyes out!  I called Greg and he calmly explained:

“Lin – the reason you are crying is because you have hormones rushing through your body. You are very pregnant. Just get home safely, lie down for a bit, and you’ll feel much better…”

Seriously – I’m so lucky to have him.  He didn’t try to fix me and tell me to stop being upset.  He made me feel normal for feeling how I felt!  Does that sentence make sense?? 🙂

The high point of week 12 was when we got to see Baby Benson again.  During the ultra sound, the doctor asked whether we wanted to know the gender to which we replied in unison – YES!  He said that he can sometimes be wrong this early, but he was pretty sure that the baby is a boy.  Here is our conversation after the doctor leaves the room:

Greg: I knew it was a boy as soon as I saw him.

Me: How?!

Greg: Because he looks like me…and has my lips.

Me: He doesn’t look like anyone yet…he looks like an alien at this point!

Greg: *Shrug* & *Grin* I can see it…

What do you all think?

We can’t wait to find out for sure whether we are having a boy or a girl!  We will be thrilled either way…all we want is a healthy, happy baby.

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